On our way home

The team's last morning on the glacier was a hazy whiteout but it soon cleared as they packed up camp for the last time and prepared to walk off the glacier. Down hill was a new skill for the team, many of whom put skis on for the first time 4 days ago! But it was only at the very edge where the snow ran out and bare ice revealed that the last were forced to take off the cross-country skis and walk instead. Anisa and Asma had the most fun, creating a two-man sledge method with Anisa steering at the back!

Skis, sledges and team were quickly loaded into the minibus at the ice edge before the drive back to civilization. There was a quick stop for a monumental cooked lunch for some very hungry polar explorers on the way back to Reykjavik - and Misba proved she had brains as well as courage as she won an impromptu game of chess in the cafe!

For some of the team it was a shower before going straight to the airport for flights home, while for others there was time to enjoy long longed for Fish and Chips and the comfort of a soft bed in a hotel room before travelling.