Back to Muscat and goodbye to Oman

The long drive back to the capital of Muscat demonstrated just how far we had come in our walk across two differently coloured deserts.

Above: Ida (Sweden), Steph (Cyprus), Mariam (Saudi Arabia) and Lamees (Kuwait)

Above: Ida (Sweden), Steph (Cyprus), Mariam (Saudi Arabia) and Lamees (Kuwait)

We had a bit more space in the vehicles on our way back but found that we left trails of sand behind us wherever we went as it fell out of our clothes, our hair, our shoes and our equipment. I imagine between us we'll be taking quite a bit of sand accidentally home with us too.

We will certainly be taking the desert away with us in our memories. It has been a truly spectacular week. Not only have we all further embedded the skills that we began to learn in Iceland but we have become much closer as a group. Our journey across Oman gave us a chance to get to know each others lives and perspectives, giving rise to many fascinating discussions that I'm sure we will all go home mentally digesting. We also had the chance to see something of the lives of desert Bedouin as well as urban Omani's which has led to many new strands of thought in European and Arabian team members alike.

After the peace of the desert, Muscat seemed dazzling as we arrived in the city. We had time to visit the evening suq in the old part of Muscat before heading out to dinner at Anisa's favourite Omani restaurant. It was a nice way to say goodbye, not only to each other but also to fabulous Oman.