Sledging and more spiders...

The sun was just as hot in the white sand of the sugar dunes as it had been in the red sand of the Wahiba, but somehow no one seemed to mind the heat as much when travelling through such a magical landscape.

The sand not only looked different but felt different too. On the leeward side of the bigger dunes the sand felt as soft and powdery as flour. No one could resist walking in bare feet for every moment the sand wasn't too hot.

The team have become pretty efficient in our travelling routines and navigation. We've settled into a rhythm and have come to know each other's styles a lot better. That all important trust is growing. So we could afford to experiment a little - firstly by using our sledges for a rapid descent of the bigger dunes. Harder than it looked for some, who struggled to get any momentum - but a more carefully selection of our sledging spots led to success!

We found an idyllic camp spot nestled among the dunes and watched a spectacular sunset. The moon has re-appeared in the sky and lit up the milky-white dunes so that it looked like the silvery surface of the moon.

The peace of our evening was shattered when a guest joined the party - a camel spider. The reassurance that 'their bite isn't venomous, only bacterial' didn't provide much comfort as one spider dug itself a cave under one of the vehicles, while another joined the game of cards going on in the middle of camp.

The uninvited guest.