The Sea!

Hot, sticky, coated in suncream and covered in sand, there was not a single member of the team who hadn't been dreaming about reaching the sea and going for a swim in days. Finally, that day arrived. After a last, long hard slog over baking sand dunes, the ocean appeared on the horizon. Reaching the beach there was no stopping us running into the waves - and there are no words that can express how good it felt!

We had now crossed not one, but two deserts in Oman - the red Wahiba sands and the pure white Sugar Dunes. With the hard work done we could relax. Camped near the beach we were able to find enough driftwood to build a camp fire and were delighted when the film crew arrived with locally caught fish that they'd managed to negotiate out of some fishermen at the other end of the beach, and a bag full of ice cold soda!

We cooked the fish over the embers of the campfire and I don't think anything has ever tasted so delicious - except perhaps the earlier ice cold pop.