Popcorn and pee bottles


Despite the Icelandic weather's best efforts, everyone managed to make it to Reykjavik today - even if a little later than planned. Despite the extra hours of preparation it was still a scramble to get everything done - there is so much to think about....are the tents prepared and rolled ready to be put on the top of the sledges? Have we microwaved the popcorn that forms the majority of our daily snacks for the trail? Do we have enough elastic bungees to secure our bags to the sledges? Do our new goggles fit? Have we remembered pee bottles? And matches? Do we have enough fuel for the stoves? etc

Phew! It's a lot to pack in to just three or four hours. BUT we are now all safely at the start point of our training expedition. Now it is time for some sleep before we set off on skis tomorrow. It looks windy outside and lots of snow....perfect.

Now, if we could only shake off that feeling that we've forgotten something....