A perfect day


After spending most of yesterday huddled together in the tents, it was great to actually get some skiing done today. In a dramatic contrast to the last 24 hours the weather is truly glorious today. We are picking our way through snow-covered lava fields and it turns out that these are a pretty good substitute for the sort of route-finding we might be doing on the sea ice around the North Pole.

Our tent routines (getting camp pitched) are pretty slick now....but then it feels so much easier now the wind has died. We now all have set roles within our tent teams of three or four. Someone will be the first one in the tent and in charge of the stove/kitchen. The next person is the 'middle-man' who lays out all the mats inside the tent and makes it cosy. Then we have the first 'outside' person who, having secured all the team's sledges and skis comes in the tent to help dig a trench in the vestibule for boots and a cold-trap. And finally we have the second 'outside' person who only comes inside the tent once they have robustly secured it to the ground!