Congratulations Misba!

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Wonderful news that UK team member, Misba Khan, has been made a 2018 Churchill Fellow.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is a UK based organisation that awards a number of Fellowships each year to those who are embarking on travel that will enable them to bring back knowledge and experience that will be of benefit to UK society. The Fellowships are awarded along with a substantial grant to help fund the travel.

Misba was made a Fellow for her role in the Women's Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2018 - an experience that on many levels will enable her to bring back knowledge that will be of benefit to society in the UK; from the greater cultural understanding she will gain from working with the international team, to the expedition skills she will learn, to the first-hand knowledge of the Arctic Ocean. All of this will feed back into UK society through Misba's work as a Chaplain in Manchester, her enthusiastic membership of the Ramblers and through her outreach work speaking to young people, women's groups and events that focus on the British Muslim community.

The team agree unanimously, that Misba is an inspiring asset to the expedition, a wonderful representative of the UK and will, no doubt, be an excellent influencer in her community and nationwide. We're very proud of you Misba!

Expedition Leader, Felicity Aston, is a 2008 Churchill Fellow. The support of the Fellowship and the Trust was fundamental in the founding of the Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition that saw Felicity lead a team of 8 women from around the Commonwealth to the South Pole in 2009.

For more information about the Trust and the next round of applications to become a Fellow see the website at