Berghaus visit

The advance team with Carolyn from Berghaus

The advance team with Carolyn from Berghaus

The team were visited in Longyearbyen today by Carolyn and Marc from Women's Product Development at Berghaus today. They came to check that the expedition was fully kitted out with windproof jackets, fleeces, insulation and the all-important bobble hat, ready for the sea ice adventure to come.

It was also a chance to sit down and talk about our experiences with women's outdoor kit. Today 56% of outdoor clothing purchases are made by women. With that kind of buying power the hope is that we are approaching a new age of women's gear in which the 'shrink it and pink it' attitude of the past is consigned to history!

It was great to be listened too by those developing tomorrows clothing and to have some input into the next generation of gear for women in the outdoors.

It was also great to try out our new gear...ESPECIALLY the bobble hats!