Everyone gets obsessed by food on expedition. We will be eating very well. We have a four course meal for the evenings....instant soup, followed by noodles, then a Summit to Eat main and a Summit to Eat desert (and if we have room, a Tribe protein bar as a petit four).

We've been trying out some of the Summit to Eat Meals - and they are good! The Chicken Fajitas are a bit of a favourite already. But most popular of all are the freeze dried berries that we've made into a trail mix....blueberries, strawberries and raspberries....Mmmmm.

It took us all day to sort it all into bags for each tent team and then get it in the sledges. We have about 1kg of food per person per day. It's a lot of weight in the sledges right now but at least it gets a little bit lighter every day!