Over half way

It was a sunny, balmy -24°C/ -11°F on the sea ice yesterday. The team have a daily target of around 10 km gain on the pole daily and they smashed it making a gain of 12 - 13 km today.

They made such good progress because the terrain today was very flat and so they had some easy skiing with the only hurdle an ice boulder field which required a lot of scrambling  over and around. The ice fields are tricky to traverse, if its even possible to traverse them but the are made up of stunning blue chunks of ice so they are really beautiful to be around even if they do make the day a bit trickier.

This photo of a lead is from a series which have been captured and shared on Instagram thanks to our sponsors Kaspersky Lab. There have been some beautiful images shared of the team and we recommend you check out his feed renan_ozturk.

Photo Credit: Renan Ozturk on Instagram renan_ozturk