Rubble maze

Today was really tough with 7 km progress to the pole.

But the long day skiing around and then portaging through a really huge pressure ridge of ice rubble was one of the most morale boosting and team building experiences of the trip so far.  It was such hard work but everyone got involved; dragging, lifting and moving every last sledge and set of skis and pole. The terrain was dangerous with big holes between boulders and the crossing was long but the team ended it with high fives and hugs and a huge sense of achievement.

One of the most hotly discussed topics in their lives currently is who has what rations remaining and what is their price for a swap! Batering for favourite meals is now a daily occurence, with chicken tikka being as rare as hens teeth and beef stew fetching a high price.  Felictiy scored a macaroni cheese tonight and was very happy with her lot.

As for lunch? It doesn't really exist as a meal. The team have large snack bags which they graze on throughout the day. In there they have sweets, marzipan, dates and dried fruit as well as Oreos.  Its every small child's dream meal!