Do other women do this?

YES! There is a large and distinguished community of women and explorers who are out in the field making scientific discoveries and providing new knowledge of our planet. And they have always been there; history is full of inspiring women explorers - you just have to look for them.

WINGS WorldQuest is a US-based organisation that works to promote women scientists and explorers who are active in the field. They maintain a database of Fellows so that anyone can find more information about the work and travels of this select group....try searching for Ann Bancroft, Liv Arnesen or Helen Thayer for some great Polar stories.

The Euro-Arabian Expedition is delighted to be carrying WINGS WorldQuest Flag #27 into the field with us. We look forward to taking it to the North Pole and returning it to WINGS with another great story to tell of women exploring our world.

You can see where other Flag Carriers have been on the website here: